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Maude’s Story

I am now 31 years old, I received a diagnosis of limited systemic scleroderma in 2016, when I was 27. I started asking myself some questions, because my symptoms started one year before the diagnosis. After several appointments, tests, visits with different specialists, the diagnosis finally came. Now well surrounded by my medical team, namely my internist, Dr. Maxime Labelle in Outaouais, and my rheumatologist, Dr. Geneviève Gyger at the Montreal jewish general hospital, I feel I am in good hands.

In my case, my hands are greatly affected by scleroderma, reducing my motor skills and my dexterity. A mix of joint pain, fatigue and stiffness are now part of my life. In order to improve the quality of my daily life, I chose to include a healthy diet, physical activity and several complementary approaches, such as kinesitherapy. When we are affected by a degenerative disease, our well-being is crucial. My mother told me one day “Don’t let scleroderma control you, you are the one who control your body!” and I decided to apply this every day.

Each question or worry I have regarding my condition, I know I can turn to the Scleroderma Quebec foundation, it is an incredible support. The association offers good moral support, a listening ear and a variety of advice that can help us, but also help those around us. I feel well surrounded, because I can share with other people affected by scleroderma. It is like being in a big warm home.