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Dr. Ariel Masetto – Biography

10 August 2020


Assistant professor in the Rheumatology department of the Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke since 2006.
Associate professor in the Rheumatology department of the Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke since 2014.


Graduation and residency at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Academic interests:

Continuous medical training targeted at the first line. Close collaborator with the Continuing Education Centre of FMSS in multiple rheumatology educational activities.

Research interests:

Scleroderma; close collaborator with the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group. The main research objectives relate to the treatment of problems common in scleroderma, such as malabsorption syndrome, faecal incontinence and digital ulcers.

Dr. Deborah Assayag – Biography

9 August 2020

Junior Scientist, RI-MUHC , Montreal General Hospital
Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases Program
Centre for Innovative Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Department of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, MUHC

My research focuses on interstitial lung diseases (ILD), a group of progressive, devastating lung diseases characterized by inflammation and scarring (fibrosis) of the lung tissue. The burden of disease is heavy: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, the most devastating form of ILD, has a median survival of only three to five years. The incidence and societal burden of ILD are increasing over time. Unfortunately, the right diagnosis is often initially missed or delayed, which will affect long term prognosis. Certain medications have been shown to slow the decline in lung function, but differences in treatment initiation can occur for reasons that remain largely unknown. My research program aims to identify discrepancies and delays in the care of patients with ILD from diagnosis to management, identify the risk factors for those delays, predict disease progression and explore the use of certain medications in understudied populations.

Selected Publications

Click on Pubmed to see my current publications list

The SPIN cohort

2 July 2019

The SPIN Cohort is a group of people with scleroderma from around the world who participate in SPIN’s online studies. Cohort participants are recruited by rheumatologists and other scleroderma healthcare providers from over 40 clinical sites in 7 countries. Through the cohort, SPIN collects information about important challenges to people with scleroderma and their support needs. Some cohort participants are also invited to test SPIN’s online support programs for scleroderma before releasing them to the public.


Click here to learn more about the cohort:


Scleroderma Quebec raises $ 240 000 for research and patient support

15 November 2016

For immediate release

Montreal, November 1st, 2016 – Scleroderma Quebec raised more than $ 240 000 during its benefit evening which was held at Montreal’s Cabaret du Casino on November 1st. The funds will be used to support patients who have scleroderma and to finance the research required to find a cure.  The event was organized under the Honorary Presidency of Mr. François Armand, RBC Royal Bank’s Regional Vice-President of Commercial Financial Services, Quebec Branch.  About 500 people attended the dinner-show starring Robert Charlebois who came back one more time this year by popular demand.

Nutrition and Recipe Book

15 November 2016

Nutrition and recipe book for people with scleroderma

It can be a challenge to know what to eat for the betterment of one’s health.  This is particularly true for those affected by the numerous symptoms of scleroderma. (more…)

Scleroderma Support Group Survey

23 April 2015

Do you have scleroderma? Are you interested in helping advance research on scleroderma support groups? If so, please lend a hand by completing this short 10-15 minute survey!  (more…)

Drug approved for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension

2 October 2014

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a common, serious complication of Scleroderma which can quickly lead to death if left untreated. Opsumit® (macitentan) was shown to be effective in reducing morbidity and mortality in adult patients with PAH. (more…)