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Dolorès Story


Dolorès Dupuis has had diffuse scleroderma for over 20 years. She has been actively involved for all that time within the scleroderma patients support community, to help people who, like her, have this incurable disease. 

I remember, it was September 16, 1998. My doctor called me and told me to leave my office. The diagnosis is received. I have a disease called scleroderma and I have the diffuse form, meaning the possibility that my internal organs might be affected: rny œsophagus, my heart, my lungs and my kidneys.

Within less than a year, my autonomy is limited to holding a plastic cup with both hands to drink and a fork to eat. I can’t wait to finish my meal because chewing requires much efforts. The disease evolves this way for a two-year period and when it starts to abate, it does so for as long a period of time.

Today, some hand limitations remain, as well as some stiffness in the joints. When I look back, I  appreciate all the little pleasures that life gives me a lot more than before.

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