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JUNE, Scleroderma Awareness Month 

June is Scleroderma Awareness Month across Canada and the United States. This is a special time to educate and raise public awareness about this little-known and often misunderstood orphan disease and stress the critical importance of funding research to find a cure and support quality of life for people living with scleroderma.  

One of our objectives is to encourage as many people as possible to learn more about this disease which affects several thousands of Quebecers. To achieve its public outreach and awareness-raising goals, Scleroderma Quebec, in collaboration with the Scleroderma Society of Canada, has launched in 2006 an important campaign initiative.


You are a municipality


We have decided to appeal directly to Quebec’s municipalities and RCM to enlist their support in a campaign called: “June, Scleroderma Awareness Month”. 

This initiative was exceptionally well received. Among the targeted municipalities, we wish to extend our deepest appreciation to the 149 municipalities and RCM of Quebec who have already adopted a resolution proclaiming in their respective city “June, Scleroderma Awareness Month”. 


Step up! Sign the proclamation


We invite all municipalities and RCM of Quebec who want to get involved and show their support by proclaiming JUNE, Scleroderma Awareness Month to please contact Scleroderma Quebec by phone at 514- 990-6789 or by email at

The model proclamation below may be used as a guide by a municipality:


The following is a list of municipalities that have already agreed to proclaim “June, Scleroderma Awareness Month”. We would like to express our most sincere thanks for their support in helping us raise awareness about this dreaded disease.


You are an individual


As an individual, you too can make a difference! Tell your loved ones, your social network that you support Scleroderma Quebec in its efforts to raise awareness about scleroderma.